Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WIPocalypse Update 3

So in the last 4 weeks, I've got The Great Escape up to date. Well apart from the latest part which I have not printed yet.  That's the next job. This is another all silk project with whatever I have to hand in my leftover silks box.

The think the latest colours used are SNC 101 Bear Brown and Watercolours Spring Grasses but don't hold me to that.

I've also started Great Expectations by Just Nan which is tiny so it won't take long.  It's only 3.5" square! It has a gorgeous enamelled bird nest charm for the centre.  I do live Just Nan designs and would love more but I don't see them often here and they tend to be extremely expensive.  I've had this one in my stash for 5 years - I bought it after prison visiting in Exeter hence me being able to remember when I bought it!

The current WIP in the rotation is one of my 4 remaining unfinished Chatelaines.  Holland Springtime Mandala.  I don't have an up to date picture as the camera needs to have its batteries charged but I'm now working on the final tile in the border and the outer border is awaiting its final stitched as the framework is in place.  I then have an acre of tulips and several hundred beads to attach.  that ans replace the green clouds in one of the images with blue ones.  My reason is that there are two very similar symbols on the key!

I haven't touched anything else.  I've helped Jo sort out her dragon cross stitch a few times.  I've quilted a bit, played a lot of games, twiddled my thumbs a lot. I'm also running out of thread which is also going to cause me problems before long.  But that's what you get for the situation I'm in!  No moaning, promise.  Off to the dentist in a bit for more fun and games.