Monday, 18 February 2013

Dilatory blogger reporting in.....

This really should have been posted up 6 weeks ago at the start of the year in the tradition of New Years Resolutions except that I'm really bad at those.

This is my 15 WIP's to finish this year.  I don't expect to finish all of them but I want to make significant progress on all of them during the year. Pictures of most of these are in my Flickr album here

1. Chatelaine Japanese Garden Mandala         90+% complete
2. Chatelaine Ostsee Mandala                        85% complete
3. Chatelaine Desert Mandala                        15% complete
4. Chatelaine Egyptian Mandala                     10% complete but requires remedial unpicking
5. Cross Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew           60% complete
6. Passione Ricamo Galatea                          70% complete
7. Just Nan Great Expectations                      85% complete
8. L'Epouventail                                            70% complete
9. Blackberry Lane Rest ye Pins                    40% complete
10. Long Dog Samplers Time and Tide          60% complete
11. Jan Houtman Liberation Sampler             45% complete
12. Mirabilia Blooming Bride                         05% complete
13. Permin Windmill Sampler                         25% complete
14. Lanarte Chinese Culture                           40% complete
15. Dragon Dreams 12 Dragons of Xmas       20% complete

Current focus pieces are 1, 6, 8 and 15 with 1 and 15 being closest to being completed as I write this in mid-February.

A lot of these pieces are large to ginormous but there are many others that are tiny.  I seem to stutter at the half way mark and each of them stalled for different reasons.  All I know is that my own inattention and lack of concentration seem to be the kiss of death with projects of all sizes at present, hence my need to buckle down and get them finished.

I keep seeing new, sparkly and pretty projects that are incredibly appealing. In particular there is a new Chatelaine that is the perfect match for my Japanese Garden.  The Japanese Zen Moss Garden is yodelling very loudly at present and I have got two months before the class starts to get a firm handle on the almost finished pair.  I just so want Japanese finished.  It was my first Chatelaine started and it is still one of my favourites.  I'm bitterly ashamed that I have managed to get distracted and start/ finish two others while this elegantly simple design remains unfinished.

My other bugbear is PR's Galatea.  I adore mermaids yet this one gives me nightmares about ever finishing.  The hair has caused many sleepless nights and much frustration.  She will be finished soon - very soon! I will not give up on her because she was a gift from the ever wonderful Mel. Then perhaps one of the Mira mermaids might come out and take a turn. I have 5 more waiting in the wings and they take a tiny amount of time.  Oh and the new Mira Mermaid is one of the sparkly pretties that is distracting me mightily at present.