Tuesday, 5 June 2012

WIPocalypse - the never ending story

First update this time around is Japanese Mandala  Garden.  Not a lot of progress but I'm tackling the lazy daisy stitches by the bridge is a massive task.  I also managed some purple Jessicas and plum purpleJessica flowers as part of another challenge.  This months colour is green and it is on this project in spade loads.

 Second update is to Galatea. Loads of sparkly coral on this one and sparkly bits on the tail this time around.  I can't really sneak this one in as part of the colour challenge as there is no green.  Aqua, turquoise and teal but no green. The use of Petite Treasure Braid as blending filament is a good way to get shading and it gives really good coverage.  Also it doesn't disintegrate and fluff like blending filament as it doesn't fly out of the needle like it either!

Third update is Skeleton Crew.  This time it's hull fish and serpent time and this one has green on it so that can be worked on next month

Fourth piece of stitching is a start on Mystic Dragon and actually this isn't mine.  I have started it for my adopted daughter so that she can finish it. She isn't confident about starting so I start her projects for her and  provide her with the initial framework that she can work from.  It's a system that works for us. I can't find a photo of the finished project so that will have to wait. She's already had a great finish this year with a Pinn Stitch dragon that now hangs in the hall of her home and is much coveted by visitors.

That's it for this update and now I have to go and blog the charity quilts I'm making!


  1. I love your Chatlaine. That is such a great piece.
    Good work on your other lovely pieces as well.

  2. well done on progress. That is a gorgeous fabric you're using for Galatea

  3. Everything looks great. That fabric for galatea is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful WiPs, Rosanne. Looking forward to more of Galatea. The fabric is just gorgeous. I'm guessing it's Polstitches Stormy Seas?