Monday, 3 December 2012

Dilatory blogging - again!

Um, it looks like it's six months since I blogged here.  I seem to be getting more and more neglectful of my blogs yet I am getting things done.  I'm just finding it hard to put words down to describe what I'm doing.

 So here goes.  First up is Galatea.  I am soooooo hating this project and it's a crying shame.  It's a beautiful design, loads of sparkle, excellent chart, plus it was a gift from Mel so I'm not about to give up any time soon!  I know I'll love it once its done but for now it's the bane of my life

Next up is L'Epouventail.  This is a kit I bought in Brugge when visiting Mum 2.5 years ago.  I changed out the fabric to green from natural linen because it did the design no favours.

It's an old Jean-Louis Grandsire design for DHC that was in the sale section at Eurocrafts.  There were two Halloween themed designs but I could only afford one and this is it.

Third up is Chatelaine Desert Mandala.  I keep skipping onto more interesting bits on this which is inevitable what happens with a Chatelaine I work away from the online class.  I am not the most disciplined of people at the best of times and my stitching has  habit of bringing out the worst of my bad traits.  I need to go back and complete the two side flowers, then the cactus border.  what you can't see in this photo is the top most picture box is complete ready for the part 5 picture.
Last but not least is Skeleton Crew. I've loved this for an age but finally started stitching it months ago. Now it is in the when I feel like it rotation.  At least now the serpent, fish and waterline of the ship is complete.

Apart from that, nothing else is really progressing. It's frustrating but that is the penalty of my chaotic life

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  1. If Galatea is the bane of your life, then put it away for a while. Perhaps some time away will help :) Remember you are not OBLIGED to stitched your gifts - they are yours to do with as you wish.

    The rest look fabulous! I love the Halloween one - but then Gothic *and* Jean-Louis; how could it go wrong???

    Desert Mandala looks gorgeous and you will eat your veggies on it when you get around to them :)

    Love love love Skeleton Crew! I will start mine - one day ...